Product Demonstration

1. What is AuraVR?

AuraVR is a Full Plastic body virtual reality headset that enables smart phone users to view 3-D images,videos and play games in 3-D.

2. Why should I buy AuraVR when a similar gadget is available in Cardboard?

Since Cardboard is more prone to wear and tear and therefore is not much durable. So, to overcome this drawback we have introduced AuraVR which is made of plastic and hence is very durable, attractive in looks and much more comfortable.

3. How to use AuraVR?

Using AuraVR is very easy. All you have to do is:
  • Install a Virtual Reality application in your smartphone.
  • Start the App and you can see your phone's screen converts into side by side mode.
  • Place your phone in the slot provided.
  • Wear the headset and adjust the head strap according to your comfort.
  • Enjoy the VR experience.

4. Can all screen size phones fit in AuraVR?

All phones upto 6" screen and 15 mm thickness can fit.

5. What if my phone slips out and breaks, will you pay for it?

Keeping in mind the protection of your phone, We have provided a cushion padding inside. This cushion padding holds your phone inside and provides a firm grip. Therefore there are minimal chances of phone slipping out of the box. So, we are not responsible for any mishandling.

6. Are all phones compatible?

Yes, almost all phones are compatible.The magnetic trigger and 360° will work with phones having magnetometer and gyrosensor. You can check the list of compatible phones on Google's website.

7. What are the differences between a traditional cardboard VR and AuraVR?

The major difference is the added durability due to the plastic body. It supports more range of phones. Our patented open slit design allows large screen phones to fit in. The adjustable head strap adds to the comfort level.

8. Which are the compatible applications and games?

There are many interesting games and applications available on Google Play Store for virtual reality. Many 360° videos are also available on YouTube. Click here to view some of the compatible videos, games and applications.