AuraVR Go: Light Weight VR Headset with inbuilt clicker button and bigger 42MM two way adjustable lenses. Price: ₹ 699 only

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Lightest VR Headset weighing just 148 grams!

AuraVR Go is a wonderful blend of aesthetics and technology, upholding the principles of ergonomics in its every step of manufacturing. Weighing just 148 grams, this is the lightest VR headset in its class enabling all VR enthusiasts, from a school going child to an adult, enjoy the VR world.

Say Good bye to non supportive magnetic clickers

Now you needn’t worry about external non supportive magnetic clicker for triggering action. Bringing the mobile phones without magnetometer or compass under the VR spell, AuraVR Go comes with a inbuilt touch/clicker button to click and choose options on the mobile phone screen when used in VR mode.

Bigger Adjustable lenses

42MM optical grade resin lenses provides a spectacular cinema like experience. Being adjustable sideways to interpupillary distance, AuraVR Go can be worn by anyone, irrespective of their face contours. The lenses can go to and fro too providing a Field of View of 100-110 degree.

Design & Features

The T-shaped headstrap is comfortable to wear and evenly spread the VR headset weight around your head. The silicon studs hold the mobile phone firmly in place and prevents any scuff mark on screen. The cushion around eyes is especially made to avoid sweat around the eye area. Additionally, it does not let external light enter the FOV

Easy Shift from VR to AR

The open case design of the AuraVR Go VR headset does not block the camera providing an easy shift from VR to AR mode. The innovative open cover design allows mobile phone heat dissipation and easy access to plugin charging and headphone jacks.

What all you can do with AuraVR

Virtual Reality headsets from the brand AuraVR are impressive gadgets that permits one to explore dream destinations all around the world without losing the homely comforts. It can be used to view 3-D designs, explore the space in virtual reality, 3-D gaming, 360 degree videos, virtual reality applications, the options are endless!

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