AuraVR Zoom: A Light Weight Cardboard VR Headset that comes with bigger 42 MM lenses and can be worn with spectacles too! Price: Rs. 349

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Light Weight VR Headset Weighing Just 72 Grams!

AuraVR Zoom is a wonderful blend of aesthetics and technology, upholding the principles of ergonomics in its every step of manufacturing. Weighing just 72 grams, this is the lightest VR headset in its class enabling all VR enthusiasts, from a school going child to an adult, enjoy the VR world.

Optical Grade Bigger 42 MM Lenses

So far in cardboard built VR Headsets only smaller lenses were used but here in AuraVR Zoom headset, we have used optical grade bigger 42 mm lenses (first in its class) thus providing a cinema-like experience.

Can Be Used By A User Wearing Spectacles

The user now no longer needs to wear contact lenses or remove spectacles for experiencing VR as this headset has been designed in such a way that the user wearing spectacles can also experience the wonders of virtual reality technology.

Anti Sliding Foam Cushion For Improved Phone Support

Unlike other cardboard built VR Headsets, here we have used an anti-sliding cushion for better phone support. It helps in gripping the phone tightly in the headset.

Can be shipped as Do-It-Yourself unit

Unlike other VR Headsets, this cardboard built headset can also be shipped in partly assembled DIY form and the user can assemble it in less than 3 minutes following the instruction manual provided. DIY VR kit comes in a folder type packing and occupies lesser space hence easy to carry. This partly assembled kit finds wide acceptance among the educational institutions, hobby/summer camp organizers, marketing/event companies where customer engagement and costing is the key.

An Economical Solution As A Corporate Gift

Since this headset is manufactured in India, so based on the order volume, we can customize this headset as per the requirement of the client thus offering an economical solution for corporates and VR content developers who want to showcase their projects.

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