Make your best memories live forever!

Revolutionizing the concept of traditional "PHOTOGRAPHY", we provide you a new way of covering your special events by capturing entire 360° space in just 1 screen!

Film your complete event moments in a jaw-dropping scene that allows you to relive those wonderful experiences. Move into those locations and times and feel as if you are actually present there!


Filming your single event

Our team will cover various moments of your event adding a magical perspective by capturing 360° videos and photographs.

We shall share these mind-boggling captures on your desired Facebook and YouTube page.

Price: Rs.1,00,000/-

This package includes :

  • A 5 minutes 360° video covering various moments in your event. 
  • Upto 25 360° Photographs


  • Event should not be more than 4 hours, any additional time will be charged extra Rs.10,000 per hour
  • If event is outside Chandigarh then the transportation, meals and accomodation charges for our team (2 members) shall be extra.

Please scroll below for our 360° video and photographs.

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360° Video

Photospheric Images