AuraVR Ace VR Headset With Adjustable 42 MM Lenses, Increased 110-120 FOV,Inbuilt Touch Button & Integratd Headphones with Volume Control Key

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Bigger & Adjustable Lenses

Bigger 42 MM PMMA resin coated adjustable lenses for better experience. Interpupillary Distance can be adjusted with the central knob while the distance between mobile screen and the lenses can be adjusted through side knobs.

Increased Field Of View (FOV)

Experience virtual reality in a better way with increased FOV of 120 degrees. More the FOV better is the viewing experience.

Inbuilt Touch Button

No you won't need any external device like magnetic trigger/clicker for performing clicking action as this headset comes with an inbuilt touch button that will work as clicker.

Integrated Headphones

Enjoy total immersive experience with integrated adjustable quality headphones that will give you feeling of surround sound. Simply attach your phone with the headset and enjoy your content in your own personal cinema.

Attend Calls, Adjust Volume

Attend calls without removing your phone from the VR Headset. You can even control the volume through the volume control key provided.

What all you can do with AuraVR

AuraVR is an impressive gadget that permits you to explore your dream destinations all around the world without losing the homely comforts. It can be used to view 3-D designs , explore the space in virtual reality, 3-D gaming, 360 degree videos, virtual reality applications, the options are endless.!

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